Cal Hashimoto, Sculptor
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Fina art made of bamboo and natural materials.
Bamboo, Paper, Reed, Mixed fiber ~ H 80 " W 170" D 7 "
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"My association with bamboo began as a young boy playing in my grandmother's bamboo patch in California. I was fascinated by how straight and regular the poles grew and how the nodes spaced themselves in predictable patterns. There was something reassuring about the order of nature - and also something mysterious.

I then became aware of how light and strong and flexible bamboo was. These aspects triggered the impulse of youth to build something with it. As I recall, my attempts resulted in several fishing poles and a kite that didn't fly very well.

As the years passed, my fascination with bamboo remained intact, but I didn't begin to experiment with bamboo fabrication until after my arrival in Hawaii in 1982. In my initial explorations of these tropical islands, my discovery of various bamboo forests left me captivated. There was always a serenity and beauty to these environments that transported me into the spiritual place of my own being.

As a mature sculptor and no longer a child, I was again compelled to build something with bamboo. The difficult task that I endeavored to accomplish was to incorporate some of the aspects of serenity, beauty, and spirituality of a bamboo forest into my artwork. This, coupled with the influences of ten years of travel and exposure to the arts of different cultures, has formed the basis of what is now embodied into my bamboo sculpture."
Cal Hashimoto, Bamboo Sculptor

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