The second of a two-part interview conducted by Mark V. Wiley of Hunter B. Armstrong, HIS Director.

The interview was initially published in “Martial Arts Talk” by Mark V. Wiley, Tuttle Publishing, 2000.


IHS India Field Trip - see ARTICLE
During the 2003 HIS India Field Trip, the IHS shot video to record various systems. The following video clips show Dr. Manickavasagam, Moses Thilak and Karunakan demonstrating varmam. Varmam is an Indian system of body energy points analogous to the point and meridians utilized in Chinese acupuncture and fighting arts. Dr. Manickavasagam is a history professor who did his doctoral thesis on varmam. video clips -
1.Manickavasagam demonstrating a neck strike and leg trip on Karunakaran.
2. Manickavasagam demonstrating varmam face strikes on Karunakaran.
3. Manickavasagam demonstrating varmam elbow lock on Karunakaran.
4. Silambam wrist-lock defense against an overhead strike.
5. Silambam joint lock and reversal.


Indian Clubs by Purpleheart Armory:  John L. Sullivan used Indian Clubs for training.  These are beautifully designed by Christian Dance and available on line.


Rossman, HCSA Shusko HBA
Defensive vs. Protective
see video clip



GySgt Harmon, SSgt Burke
close in on Nick Nibler.

“Stalker Training” with the Third Recon Marine Battalion in Okinawa
The ICS has developed a new training course in conjunction with the Third Recon Battalion, USMC. The two-week program - “Stalker Training” - was rolled out at the end of October this year at Camp Schwab on Okinawa, where 3rd Recon is located. Nick Nibler and Hunter “Chip” Armstrong were invited to lead 25 selected members of the Battalion in a specialized course of instruction designed to provide each individual with a better understanding of natural human combative capabilities based on humans’ early evolution as hunter/stalkers, and how to implement those capabilities in the Marine Recon’s already high level training. The course of instruction included both classroom lecture and considerable “on the ground training,” including work on trails through heavy undergrowth... read more

Indian Stick Fighting in the British Raj
In 1923 Mr. H. G. Lang, a British Officer of the Indian Police wrote a manual describing Indian Stick Fighting.
The manual is now available as a pdf file posted courtesy of The Exiles. It is an interesting look at a fighting system from another time, place and social context. "Few men are seen nowadays without a stick of some kind in their hands..." Thanks to member Stu Kelmm who sent us the information. .. read more



ICS - Integrated Combative Systems.
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